lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009

Feliz Cumple Rosita

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:D A mi primita y futura mamita :D ...

De los juegos con muñecas al paciente y del paciente al bebe valiente :D

viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

Sindicalismo en Claro

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Hi Claro :D

Creo que es de seguro que nunca me contraten en claro jajaja :D

jueves, 19 de marzo de 2009

Quiero este juguete!!!

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Y pensar que el celu era una caja gigante

sábado, 7 de marzo de 2009

A la Mujer Creativa y Combativa :D

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Especialmente para las mujeres que tienen los ovarios bien puestos!!!

Mujer Ayacuchana

Mujer: Pensar es Altamente Femenino

Mujer: Se va la Vida Compañera

Papers de ISSS 52...

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Extraidos de:
Proceedings of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the ISSS

Para los que no creen que la ingeniería de sistemas aun esta viva :D

Table of Contents
2008 Abstracts and Program Book Abstract PDF
Jennifer Wilby
2008 Plenary Papers
Confronting Economic Profit with Hierarchy Theory: The Concept of Gain in Ecology Abstract PDF
Tim Allen
Manfred Drack
Sociable Technologies for Enterprising Sociality Abstract PDF
Doug McDavid
Agent-based Social Simulation
Preservation of Misperceptions – Stability Analysis of Hypergames Abstract PDF
Yasuo Sasaki
Applied Systems and Development
What's the North-Korean Nuclear Weapons' Future? Abstract PDF
Hyuk Kihl Kwon
Korean Politics and Complex Systems Theory Abstract PDF
Youn-soo Sim
Complexity Sciences
Distinctions, Systems, Relationships, Perspectives: The Simple Rules of Complex Conceptual Systems: A Universal Descriptive Grammar of Cognition Abstract PDF
Derek A. Cabrera
Critical Systems Theory and Practice
Pamela Buckle
“You are adapting more to me than I am adapting to you” (but what does more mean?): Cybernetic and Foucaultian explorations of the domain of power Abstract PDF
Phillip V Guddemi
Designing Educational Systems
E-teaching - Eroding the Stronghold of Teachers Abstract PDF
Gerhard - Chroust
Using systems thinking and social network theory to improve children’s mathematical problem solving skills Abstract PDF
Luis Pinzon-Salcedo, Ricardo Barros, Roberto Zarama, Margarita de Meza, Cristina Carulla, Astrid Bejarano

viernes, 6 de marzo de 2009

miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009

Google Summer of Code Conference at UNI.

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Google Summer of Code Conference at UNI.

Dear friends, students, hackers and free software activists. We invite you to a informative talking in order to participate in the Google Summer of Code. We show you the steps, possible projects, strategies and other tips of this international event supported by Google Inc. that has the objective to support students of pre-grade, post-grade and PhD programms in the developments of improves to free software and opensource projects.
We'll wait for you this March, Friday 6th at 5:00pm in the auditorium of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Faculty of the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería

Conferencia de Google Summer of Code en la UNI.

Estimados amigos y compas estudiantes, hackers y activistas del software libre. Les invitamos a una charla informativa para participar en el Google Summer of Code, te mencionaremos los pasos, los posibles proyectos, estrategias y varios items de este evento internacional apoyado por Google Inc. que tiene la finalidad de apoyar a los estudiantes de pre grado, post grado y doctorado en el desarrollo de mejoras a proyectos de software libre y opensource.

Te esperamos este viernes 6 de Marzo a las 5:00 pm. En el Auditorio de la Facultad de Ingeniería Industrial y de Sistemas de la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería.