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GSoC 2012: Packaging for Mac

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Email: Short description: Porting to Mac OS ASCEND. Portability Give this to the project and improve service levels to users at all platforms. Packaging for Mac Basic Information Name: Carlos Cárdenas Fernández Email: Location: Perú, Lima University: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Begun: 2010, End: 2012 for august Google talk ID: or unimauro Are you subscribed to our ascend-sim-users mailing list?: YES Phone number: +511980525716 URL link to your CV: URL link to your personal blog/homepage: I am a Linux user for quite some time, usually single shipment or gnome bug to debian distributions that are myheader. I am part of the Peruvian Association of Free Software Apesol that is responsible for providing activities and promote free software in both the state and in the private sector. Project proposal Project title as provided on the Student projects page (or something of your own) Packaging for Mac Then, a description of the project in your own words. Porting to Mac OS ASCEND. Portability Give this to the project and improve service levels to users at all platforms. Why did you choose this idea? I'm a new "old" Linux user who is migrating to Mac OS and want to give my contribution to the community, this project will attempt to use while studying engineering for some models. Show us that you've thought about (and/or discussed) what would really be involved in your chosen project. After reviewing the project and what would be the scope, I think an interesting project and which will learn to carry packages delinux a mac, this particular project has several dependencies so it will be interesting to consider a solution for that because without them Mac the project could not function as in other platforms. I read the requirements for this project is, I'm up to them basically is to define the architecture that depends on ASCEND native form of which is explained with the possible loss of some functionality, this does not exempt the possibility of makingsome additions the current code based on python for mac Milestones What are the goals of your project? How is your success with these goals measurable? The main goal is to create the installation package for MAC lion ASCEND 10.7. Secondary goals are: - Package dependencies within or outside the ASCEND packages. - Integrate easily dependencies which are currently exported. - Create a cron script to download the svn sources of ASCEND and create packages for MAC. - Modify the use of dl in ASCEND and pass ctype, because dl is deprecated. - Make the documentation of migration and faq for users with applications. What is your planning schedule for completing these goals? Work plan Week 1: Find Bug ASCEND in Mac OS in Mac OS 10.7, find bug Ascend/pygtk/ascdev. Week 2: Packing Dependence checking and fix bugs 1/2. Numpy to Mac for Ascend. Week 3: Packing Dependence checking and fix bugs 2/2. Matplotlib to Mac for Ascend. Week 4: Packing Integrator Scritp, user export variable 1/1 Deliverable #1 Week 5: Integrate ASCEND to Mac, 1/2 Week 6: Integrate ASCEND to Mac, first package 2/2 Week 7: Work With ASCEND change dl for ctype 1/2 Week 8: Work With ASCEND change dl for ctype 1/2 Deliverable #2 Week 9: Packing Ascend Mac OS 1/2 Week 10: Packing Ascend Mac OS for svn 2/2: Make script with new Week 11: Fix Bug meke a script cron. Week 12: Fix Bug Project completed Other projects Give one or two other projects that you would be interested in, if the first is unavailable. - ASCEND Eclipse to use their potential and use mathematical reportest. or make a nice paa ASCEND Reporter - A plugin for dynamic models of Forrester. Other commitments Exams or other events you expect to Have to Deal With During The GSOC period. Every weekend either Friday or Monday every two days I'm doing a job that takes almost 8 to 10 hours between thesis and resolution of case studies during the week the load is dynamic but reading and during class. How you plan to juggle the Competing Demands on your time. You are expected to at least 35 hours Contribute a week of 'real work' to your project I have this intoaccount'm closing my Masters studies and organizing the documents in my thesis, you may have about 40 hours diponibles but Monday through Saturday, to develop the project and send queries per day if that is expected. Note That We require a minimum of weekly contact from all our students, UNLESS forewarned. I have previously worked on projects with people from other countries and I'm used to that dynamic, I would define either irc channel, chat or Skype and Skype meetings if I have time difference GMT-5. Coding experience Programming languages you have learnt, and how many lines of code, approximately, you have written in each. I have experience in perl, python, c / c + +,. Net, asp, php, ruby and pascal. With more time that I have is php, asp c / c + + and python I have about two years each. Routinely use python to do some hack like robot downloads, orders, migration or other things like appengine. Get a copy of the current ASCEND trunk code using subversion Yes Did you manage to compile it? Is it up and running on your local system? I compile for Mac and Linux, on Linux I think it works well there are still dependencies resuletas with version 2.7of python version 0.9.7 installed on windows I am placing a screen A group list send an email commenting on my mac installation Report any difficulties you had with compiling. If there were problems, did you report a bug or request support on our mailing list? In Linux if normally but in MacOS to run I have some problems, asking for the existence of test.py2.7 believe it and I get a problem I hope unittest correct. April 16 The day I reported my story about my task of installing it on MacOs. If I had several problems. But just reading on the net I lack the resolve to achieve the unittest. Have you written any ASCEND models? Please provide copies (paste code into your User Page on this wiki, and like to it here) This model is a copy of a tutorial to my user on the wiki I've tried running on Mac OS with no results, I think itGTk tree problem Link to a screenshot of ASCEND running on your system, preferably after solving a model you have written. The Ascend run in Mac OS 10.7 Lion but no run my code, the IU have some problems. Open source experience In 2008 I participated in a project of Google Summer Code for PostNuke or Zikula organization, I had trouble finishing it because I failed objectively necessary. It was in a complex that has helped me mature and I'm sure my time better now focusing on the goals I can accomplish to perform well in the project. Recently work with IOS and Android for make some personal project to ecommerce. Work with with Joomla, Postnuke for two years, then with Moodle about 3 years implementing and developing solutions for some business requirements. I collaborated with usability engineering studies in the project and OLPC and Sugar Labs same apis applyingartificial intelligence to develop robot projects. Is this your first contact with the ASCEND project? 3 years ago I was interested the possibility to solve problems of dynamic systems, I would put in an extension to resolve forrester simulation models. List or link to any code, patches, documentation or bug reports contributed to ASCEND or other projects. Some of my codes conference and courses: Relevant work experience University of Piura - PERUVIAN NAVY Varayoc Project: Command and Control System for Ship Fleet Navy of Peru. Software Engineer 2010 - 2011 Head of Project Sub Navigation Aid Systems to support decision-making in the Central Command of the Fleet Units. • Save up to 80% over the previous implementation. • Improved responses in pre-systems compared to 50%. Cayetano Heredia University Top universities with high scientific and technological production in Peru and Latin America. Systems Analyst 2009 - 2010 Supporting business processes, academic and research institutions. • Implementation of the proposed Virtual Spaces for Teaching in 7 faculties, reducing by 80% the cost of administering the maintenance services. • Implement 100% of project management and monitoring of the technological architecture reduced by 70% the time of generation of indicators. MCD CONSULTING S.A.C EDELNOR Partner supports the business processes with technology. 2009 Programmer Analyst Develop life applications EDELNOR commercial systems. • Improved processes requests and complaints by reducing electric service to 50% time reporting. CEMENTOS PACASMAYO S.A.A. Hochschild group company belonging to the industrial and mining and cement sector. Intership in the Management of Information Technology. 2008 Test servers and technology assets. • Improve business processes by implementing SAP ERP workflows reduce the time in 40% of procedures. • Sales Process Improvement Orders Release of SAP ERP with mobile smartphone reducing response time by 40%. I worked in software engineering for comand system for Peruvian Navy Force, Cayetano Heredia University, Cementos Pacasmayo and Peruvian National Bank. I hace experence in freesoftware ten years ago using Linux Distribution, Gnome, KDE, Libre Ofice. I work with C/C++, Perl, Python, Ruby and Java. Relevant studies Courses that you have completed that are relevant to ASCEND: engineering, maths, computer science. Say why they are relevant. I'm Systems Engineer gradute and now MBA student. I like the math an science specialy the dynamic system as forrester model or model growth models for social problem, i think work in there in the future. Why ASCEND? This project is very close in their use to a part of what is STELLA dynamic software systems used in the engineering of systems, I would like my ASCEND can be used for such studies and give a opportunity to universiades who can not afford to have a tool for their studies. What is it that makes you want to work with our project? It is an interesting opportunity of showing in a science project and use my knowledge to make improvements. Besides I would help a lot in my CV a man of science to business to keep the intuition for granted as not the only way to model a market.