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GSoC: Usability, Accessibility and Other Projects

I make a list with project similar like me. Only 6 days before to GSoC... , these include some topics: usability, accessibility and other beautiful project:

1)Detecting and solving specific usability issues.Moodle.
Student Laia Subirats Maté
Mentor David Jesús Horat Flotats
The goal of this project is to identify and correct Moodle’s problems of usability, and help avoiding them in next releases. Additionally, it is also desirable to find out what components from the Fluid Project can be used in Moodle, in order to provide a continuous feedback of usability problems and try to prevent them in the future.

2)Automatic Accessibility Checking - Application. Moodle.
Student David W. Knight
Mentor David Jesús Horat Flotats
My plan to is create a button that will pull the source of a current page a submit it to w3 for validation. I was also thinking, so the user doesn't have to leave the site, to have the errors pulled back to the user and displayed with a page that will have the number of errors and warnings. If the page is valid it will alert the user and not display the number of errors or warnings. This will be provided in a sleek GUI for maximum accessibility. Follow the url in "Link to Further Information" for some mock-ups.

3)Usability Testing Suite. Drupal.
Student Jimmy Berry
Mentor Bevan Rudge
My project will provide a method of measuring the user experience which has been stated as a very important goal of Drupal. In Dries' keynote he detailed the results of the usability testing and stressed that we should "Continue to make Drupal easier to use." My project will provide a suite of usability testing tools that will allow data to be recorded and analyzed in order to make improvements to Drupal's usability.

4)XWiki Watch: UI & ergonomics improvements. XWiki
Student Ecaterina Valica
Mentor Anca Paula Luca
"We shouldn't have to adapt to technology, it should adapt to us."

People are always in touch with each other now; it doesn't matter where they are anymore. The separation between personal life and work is disappearing.
XWiki Watch is XWiki's collaborative RSS reader. XWatch needs to find, analyze and distribute relevant information, whether are information about work or fun. This can be accomplished with a good organization of the information and of the space used. The data displayed should have functions easily visible and obvious to use.
XWatch needs to create a unique user experience, amplifying his killer features (Collaborative application, Text Analysis, Press Review, etc). To ensure the user experience, XWatch has to be useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible, credible and valuable. This can be made concentrating on the details and overall presentation.
Because the user should be in the center of the development process, XWatch needs to improve his interaction and user interface. To achieve this, it has to integrate more Human Computer Interaction principles, Interaction Design Patterns and it has to use more components from frameworks like Google Web Toolkit, or libraries like Yahoo! UI Library.

5)Usability issues of diagrams. ArgoUML
Student Bogdan SZANTO
Mentor Luís Sérgio Valente de Oliveira
The purpose of the project is to tackle some usability issues of diagrams in ArgoUML. This will include several new functions (Create new class wizard, Class integration between diagrams…), that should facilitate the creation of diagrams and make the user experience more pleasant and engaging.

6)Usability improvements and GTK+ GUI for Aptitude. Debian.
Student Obey Arthur Liu
Mentor Daniel Burrows
I will create a GTK+ GUI for Aptitude that will work alongside improved current ncurses and command-line interfaces. This will offer an alternative to Synaptic with an interface design geared toward usability and advanced functionality.

Development blog :
Development website :

7)Accessibility and localization improvements for Rockbox. RockBox
Student Thomas Ross
Mentor Daniel Stenberg
Improve usability to non-native speakers and blind users via the following tasks
1) Implement a framework to allow the localization of text within plugins.
2) Adjust the "Browse Plugins" menu to display the localized name of each plugin. e.g. solitaire.rock would display Solitaire.
Secondary Tasks (Time permitting):
3) Voice for the database
4) Voice for plugins

8)Transifex :: Usability and Efficiency Enhancements . Fedora
Student Diego Búrigo Zacarão
Mentor Asgeir Frimannsson
For a better user experience and a better tool for translators, our application to submit translations (Transifex) should receive some enhancements. These enhancements are related to usability, efficiency, and accessibility for non-English native people.
Our goal is to improve Transifex to an easy administration with all application internationalized and finally allows users to have a great efficiency on all interactions over the application. Make Transifex User Friendly and Efficient, in order to bring more contributors and save valuable time for existing translators.

9)Java GUI for OpenBiomind. OpenBiomind
Student Bhavesh Sanghvi
Mentor Murilo Saraiva de Queiroz

I plan to work on the OpenBiomind Java GUI idea suggested in OpenCog list of ideas ( As specified in the description, “Many biologists using microarrayers and other tools are command-line-phobic. A simple Java GUI (like Weka) could significantly improve OpenBiomind's usability lower the barrier to entry. At a minimum, the Java GUI should allow users to select parameters, launch processes and manage pipelines.”

10) Build IMS LTI Producer for Moodle. Sakai
Student Jordi Piguillem Poch
Mentor Charles Russell Severance
The main idea is to develop a IMS LTI Producer for Moodle to add to this LMS the capabilities to export its tools to another system that implements IMS standards.

11) Sakai
Student Eli Foley
Mentor Charles Russell Severance
My first idea is relatively straightforward--As a user of sakai I find it frustrating how little student-submitted content is available. Often-times when an assignment is unclear people go to the forums or wiki to get help when they're stuck. My idea would be to incorporate an AJAX-(or other similar language) driven chat buddy list into each class page--showing you a list of who else in that class is online so that students can discuss problems together.
My other idea is to have a personal storage section on sakai, hopefully by using AJAX controls to draw a virtual desktop where the user can create folders and drag-and-drop files by incorporating OLE functions to help students manage their school-related files.

12)AJAX functionality for core of Coppermine. Coppermine
Student Nuwan Sameera Hettiarachchi
Mentor Abbas Ali
Through this project, I hope to integrate AJAX functionalities (using jQurey UI) into the core of Coppermine gallery. This project aims to enhance the user experience Coppermine gallery and simplify the user interactions with system's functionalities.

13)NPToolkit/Knoppix Live CD Improvements. NPToolkit
Student Daniel Bracey
Mentor Richard Carlson
Goals for the project are:
1. Improve Internet2's NPToolkit to make it easier for administrators to install, configure and manage machines running the software provided by the toolkit. Currently, it is difficult for administrators to make even small customizations to running services, since the entire toolkit runs off a live CD -- with basic configuration files residing on a USB key or internal hard drive. Ideally, administrators should be able to tailor the toolkit's performance by adding/modifying small scripts which could be configured to start at run time.
2. Integrate perfSONAR measurement and visualization into the next version of the NPToolkit. These tools will help administrators exchange and monitor performance data across large interconnected networks.
3. Develop a simplified configuration tool so that administrators can configure the software on the toolkit through a single, convenient script.
4. Add security related options to the basic configuration scripts so that administrators can easily turn security related services (e.g. iptables) on/off depending on their individual needs and security philosophies.

14) OpenNMS Live CD. OpenNMS
Student Umair Imam
Mentor Benjamin Reed
Make a demo live CD which can run openNMS for demonstration purposes

Thank Leslie and Google for the Beautiful Book !!!
Is a nice gift

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