lunes, 11 de agosto de 2008

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Eclipse :)

UmitBT (Into Windows :()

UmitBT 0.7RC1 demo. Created for GSoC 2008. Visit or for more info.

the press project

GPU Particle System Demo in Ogre
Games Google Summer of Code..

SIP communication
Here is what has been done so far in the plugin management project of SIP Communicator.

This project is coded my me, Mathieu Plourde, and is part of the Google Summer of code 2008.

A New Compiler for Jython
PyCon 2008 Talk by

Jim Baker; Mr. Tobias Ivarsson

As part of the Google Summer of Code, we created a prototype of a fully-functional Jython 2.5 compiler. We will discuss this and our subsequent work ...

Webcam head tracking in immersive 3d environment
Check the project page at
This video shows my approach to combine OpenCV head tracking with a 3d OpenGL environment so that the user will see objects from their head's point of view. Since headtracking is 2d, no depth information is obtained. Besides that, it takes around 200ms for the face recognition algorithm, which gives a low refresh rate. I'm currently trying to improve that.


Openmoko Neo Freerunner: Motion Gestures, Screen Orientation

Google Summer of Code Campus Party 2008

Presentación de Google Summer of Code en la zona Gogle de Campus Party 2008

FaceAuthentication Sneak Preview :Google Summer of Code 2008
This is the First Small Demo of whatever i have done till now , the method for tracking is not robust , but still its giving good perfomance. i need to add to more constraints and implement some more algorithms for good eyeball fitting

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Daniel Lélis Baggio dijo...

Thanks for the link about ehci and congrats for the name of the blogger :)
I'd just like to point out that a new version, with final results, is already able to get 6 degrees of freedom plus fast frame rates. You can check the video result at:
Congrats again!