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GSoC Proposal: Usability & Accessability Overhaul [en]

Title Usability & Accessability Overhaul
Student Carlos Mauro Cardenas Fernandez
Mentor Steffen Voß
Evaluate and improve the usability of the PostNuke project. Through the use of best practices and the use of standards in programming interfaces for a minimum installation. Just as the assessment of the improvements through usability testing

Usability & Accessability Overhaul
1 Introduction

Carlos Mauro Cardenas Fernandez (1)
Ingeniería de Sistemas
Universidad Nacional del Ingeniería
Lima - Perú
1.2 Technicalities
* Project: Usability & Accessibility Overhaul
* Difficulty: medium
* Required experience: XHTML, CSS, PHP, Usability, Accessability.
This project will be mentored by Steffen Voß, kaffeeringe.de.

Chapter 2 - Definition of objectives
2 Definition of objectives
2.1 Actual state and motivation

I'm develop my thesis about the usability software and I want to join in the project and help with 'GSOC: Usability & Accessability Overhaul'. I know the theory about usability and test usability. In my university used this for a first test for the proposal thesis.
2.2 Must have criteria
My critera to cover the project are:
* Recommendations of the mentors and community PostNuke (2).
* Use patterns and best practices recommended in Web usability like: W3C and WAI(3), YUI Patterns(4), WebDesign(5).
* Make a Template Quiz for the evaluation as module for Test Usability .
* Review mentors and community PostNuke(2).
2.3 Should have criteria
The criteria for the evaluation usability are:
- Comparison of controls on Good Practices or patterns Usability on the Web.
- Include improvements within the Framework.
- Create a guide to improve and documenting findings to the community PostNuke.
2.4 Functional constraints
Not found in the documented bug tracker errors usability. Therefore the project will make based on the study of each graphical interface in the minimum instalation of postnuke.

Chapter 3 - Design goals
3 Design goals
3.1 Usability

To improve the usability of Postnuke i will work graphical interfaces suggested some of the modules and the framwork which are used in the forms. Attempts to put in these modules some good practices and standards for Web usability.
I will Work with what is necessary XHTMl, CSS, Ajax whether it is possible to implement and methodically.
3.2 Accessibility and conformance
For the accessibility i take the the Guidelines and techniques(6). After the programing process. I will make a list for test usability. I will Choose 6 to 7 cms users to test usability with the corrections. The proceeds will help create iterations for each test.
3.3 Maintainability
Maintenance may accelerate taking intoaccount that at the end of the draft the conclusions will be made in the form of best practices for Web usability postnuke. I will help in the incorporation and supporting of usability guide line in other modules postnuke.

Chapter 4 - Development aspects
4 Development aspects
4.1 Used tools

* Webserver (e.g. Apache)
* Database (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL or Oracle)
* PHP 5
* Latest version of PostNuke .8
* Programming editor (either a comprehensive IDE like Eclipse with PDT or a text editor with syntax highlighting)
4.2 Planning Project
The Grantt Chart
WBS Name Start Finish
1 Research Usability WEB Apr 21 Apr 25
2 Find Patterns Usability into Postnuke Apr 26 May 12
3 Bugs Usability May 12 Jun 16
4 Make Change into modules May 25 Aug 19
5 Postnuke Usability Guidelines Proposal Jun 13 Aug 29
6 Evaluation Module Test Usability Aug 11 Aug 28
7 Corrections Jun 29 Sep 3
8 Close Sep 4 Sep 4

5 PostNuke Future
PostNuke I think it has a future as long as they can continue to work according to their modular form. Using Web Services. Other software as Moodle, Sakai, BBphp, Gallery, Compiere or Google App and Flick. To help speed in generating solutions. Enriching the framework could even manage business rules for anaging documents and intranet management knowledge. The Future BI knowlegde Postnuke could generate in their new updates a social network strong. Even create options from webservices with type attractions facebook an hi5. Therefore postnuke in the entertainment and business could be very interesting.

My name is Carlos Mauro Cardenas Fernandez. I am studing system engineering in the UNI Lima Peru. I know C, php, java, python and gtk. And I was free lance. Implements cms and made modules for some of my projects. I have been freelance good time in my university life. I First used PhpNuke and then found Postnuke. the wizard installation is quick and easy. I liked making templates for a Web design company. I working too with elearning software for schools and associations and type moodle and dokeos. Then I am more interested in this topic. But some users found it difficult so I started used web standar. Learned the use of web standards. Then I met that exist on HCI. Now I am doing my thesis on usability Software of Sugar OLPC.

(1) Resume
(2) http://community.postnuke.com/Wiki-usabilityProject.htm
(3) http://www.w3.org/WAI/
(4) http://developer.yahoo.com/ypatterns/
(5) Usability Web
(3) http://fluidproject.org/index.php/downloads
(4) http://www.usability.gov/
(5) http://www.labsmedia.com/clickheat/index.html
(6) http://www.w3.org/WAI/guid-tech.html
(7) http://www.labsmedia.com/clickheat/index.html
Web del Abstract
Entrevista por la Comunidad PostNuke

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